Video: Colin Cowherd rips Yale vs. Duke detractors

If you’re one of the many fans complaining about Duke vs. Yale being a matchup of spoiled and entitled rich kids, FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd as a strong message for you.

During his show on Friday, Cowherd went off of fans who are complaining about Duke vs. Yale because of their top-tier status in the eyes of many. Cowherd makes the claim — and it’s not that very far fetched — that America has turned into a country that rewards “stupid” and mocks “smart”.

In a way, Cowherd makes a few good points. Would anyone really turn down scholarships from Duke or Yale because of their reputation? It’s highly doubtful. As he claims in the video above, “What’s wrong with being smart? What’s wrong with working hard?”

Nothing. Nothing is wrong with any of that.

He also questions why people seem to hate those who are successful, or those who happen to be brought up in a good family. Again, Cowherd makes a few solid points in his argument. Just because people are better off than others, it doesn’t mean you should mock them or look at them like they’re awful.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA Today Sports

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