Bernie Sanders campaign draws comparisons to football recruiting

The race for the White House has been heating up with Hillary Clinton shown to be pulling ahead of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. Sanders had a recent hot streak in the caucuses, but he’s still behind Clinton in delegates. However, Sanders is able to fill the gap with superdelegates.

For those of you who, like me, had to look up what a superdelgate is, it’s a delegate who cast individual votes for nominees during the primary process that aren’t bound to voters. Currently, Clinton leads Sanders in superdelegates, 469 to 29.

Sanders’s press secretary Symone Sanders recently put this concept in terms that we sports-inclined members of society can better understand.

“I think what’s important to remember here is that superdelegates are kind of like football recruits. You know, they say they are coming but until they have signed on the dotted line and they’re in practice, you don’t know that they’re all the way with you and that they’re on your team,” She told CNN.

If it’s recruiting help he needs, maybe Sanders should call up Jim Harbaugh. He seems to be particularly good at scoring commitments in the world of college football. Politicians can’t be that much different from high school athletes, right?

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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