NBA Draft rankings 2016: Top 5 Point Guards

Now that the NCAA Tournament has wrapped and college basketball season is officially over, it’s time for the REAL best topic regarding college hoops: the NBA Draft. Though not as grand or significant an event as that of the NFL, the NBA Draft can be just as intriguing and unpredictable when it comes to deciding where each top prospect will land.

And the 2016 NBA Draft class has more than its fair share of overall talent, especially at the point guard position. Every NBA team needs a strong floor general to help run its offense as efficiently as possible and it just so happens that point guards come in multiple forms. There are scoring point guards, pass-first ones, strong pests and others. Some young men at the position may be all of the above, while others may have one specialty in particular.

That said, with the countdown to June’s NBA Draft officially underway, let’s take a look at the top five point men of 2016.