NBA Draft rankings 2016: Top 5 Shooting Guards

As we prepare for June’s NBA Draft, one position to watch closely this year is shooting guard. There are more than a few talented young men at the 2 this year, each of whom could make some sort of impact on the professional level.

Some of these are swingmen. Some are three-point specialists. One in particular may be the best player in this year’s NBA Draft class. To be frank, it’s hard to figure out how talented most college shooting guards are because so many college teams run fast-paced offenses that rely so much on the three-ball that proper talent level is hard to assess.

That certainly happened to be the case this year, as the draft’s top 2-guards can certainly hold their own from long range. In reality, however, each of the following five men is so much more than that and has the potential to become a truly significant player on the NBA level.