NBA Draft rankings 2016: Top 5 power forwards

Power forward is an interesting position, especially when it comes to the NBA Draft. The position is much different on the collegiate level than it is in the NBA, as the position is played one of two ways in the pros: a player is either a scoring and rebounding threat or is just a defensive machine that mans the low post with authority, depending on the team and the system it runs.

In college, however, the position is more three-dimensional. Most players play face-up in the paint as opposed to in the low post. A lot of college players at the 4 have decent jump shots and can even hit the occasional three-pointer. In many cases, their all-around game is such that it’s hard to figure just how well they can transition to the NBA.

Sure enough, this year’s NBA Draft class is loaded with power forwards, each of whom has a specific skillset that they bring to the table. Let’s take a look at the five most likely primed to make an immediate impact if selected in June.