Gun company creates replica of Nintendo Duck Hunt zapper

For many, Nintendo Duck Hunt is a warm reminder of friendlier times in the 80’s. It brings them back to childhood, sitting in the living room with friends, passing the “Zapper” around, as each would take their turn on the trigger, waiting for unsuspecting simulated ducks to fly across the screen into their crosshairs.

It was an instant success with young hunters who simply translated their real-world hunting experience into the virtual dimension. People no longer had to wake up at 0-dark-hundred in order to beat the sunrise and establish hunting territory.

Duck Hunt brought all the fun of shooting to the living room, available at any time, day or night and today, Precision Syndicate LLC, a Texas-based prototyping company that specializes in making custom weapons, has produced a replica of the Duck Hunt Zapper. The gun has remarkable resemblance to the Nintendo controller, but produces far more punch than its virtual-world counterpart, as it is in fact an actual gun.

Don’t shoot this one at the screen, folks, or you’ll be in quick need of a new TV set.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to Precision Syndicate LLC

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