Louisiana fisherman catches giant alligator instead of catfish

A Louisiana fisherman got quite the surprise recently when, instead of a catfish coming up on his fishing “noodle,” he found a huge alligator instead!

The fisherman, Lance Burgos, captured the entire experience on YouTube. Check it out below!


I’m no expert, but that gator was looking none too pleased about getting pulled out of the swamp as it enjoyed a nice and tasty meal of whatever the bait was. Being stuck probably wasn’t on its agenda for the day either.

But fortunately for Burgos, he was able to paddle his boat away to safety and looks no worse for the wear following his experience. He won’t be appearing on Swamp People anytime soon, but at least he now has a story that he can tell for the rest of his life, and a great one to boot.

I mean, come on. How many other people can say “I was out fishing for catfish one day and pulled up a scary alligator?”

The list has to be small, but probably has some epic stories.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to YouTube

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