Todd McShay calls Laremy Tunsil ‘immature’ for telling the truth

Former Ole Miss offensive lineman and newest member of the Miami Dolphins Laremy Tunsil made headlines yesterday after both his Twitter and Instagram were hacked, the latter of which showed text messages between him and an Ole Miss assistant AD discussing the receipt of money for bills and rent. Sure enough, Tunsil admitted to accepting money from coaches and ESPN’s Todd McShay recently lashed out at the rookie for it.

“One thing Tunsil did today that was his fault, and he never should have done, is answering those questions, then go sell out the coaching staff at Ole Miss,” McShay said while appearing on SportsCenter. “He’s going to have to mature very quickly or else this league is going to eat him up.”

Clearly, McShay’s lines are horribly crossed. The real problem here is that Rebels coach Hugh Freeze’s program is already in hot water due to allegations of NCAA violations committed by predecessor Houston Nutt, plus some assistants, and Tunsil’s admission of receiving money pretty much guarantees that the university will be hit with major sanctions.

But heaven forbid that Tunsil actually tell the truth, right? Hugh Freeze is the reason he’s in the NFL, so he clearly owes him something by keeping his mouth shut and not throwing anyone under the bus.

Well, whomever hacked Tunsil’s Twitter and Instagram had other ideas and in this case, the best thing Tunsil could have done was be up front about everything instead of trying to cover his rear end. If you ask this writer, Todd McShay is way off. Instead of immature, Tunsil being honest was one of the most mature things he could have done.

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