Logitech G900 Review: Top of the Line

For most of the populous, wireless technology is the preferred method. For gamers, however, wireless has always been a taboo subject. The default belief for many has been that wired is better when it comes to using mice and keyboards for gaming. Even in 2016, players are still nervous to try out a wireless device when it comes time to play.

With the G900, Logitech hopes to end that fear with a mouse that is on par with, if not better than, the best wired mice on the market.

Before getting into the actual performance of the mouse, let’s take a look at what it has to offer users.

The G900 is the primary successor to the G602 wireless gaming mouse that has been one of the staples of my personal setup for the last couple of years. The mouse has fewer programmable G-Keys that other offerings from Logitech, but it makes up for it in the weight department. The G900 is one of the lightest on the market, and feels like you’re not really holding anything while using it.

It’s also a device that can truly be ambidextrous thanks to removable and customizable buttons on the side. The buttons are held on magnetically, but don’t slide, wiggle or feel loose when it place on the mouse. Users can choose to have buttons on the left side, right side or both. It also features a rechargeable battery as well as RGB lighting that has become synonymous with Logitech G peripherals.

The mouse works both wired and wireless thanks to a charging cable that is included. The way the cable is designed allows a tight yet comfortable fit in the mouse to avoid randomly unplugging during a gaming session.

Compared to the G602, the G900’s weight difference allows much quicker movement while playing. The completely adjustable DPI settings also make moving the mouse around feel like you’re controlling your character or making selections with only your hand. It’s a feeling that’s hard to explain yet makes complete sense when you actually hold and use the device for yourself.

Though the G602 does have more G-Keys at your disposal – something that is incredibly useful for MOBAs and MMOs – than the G900, the latest offering from Logitech has so much more going for it that it’s hard to justify choosing the G602 over it even if spending most time in those game genres.

The response time of the G900, while not noticeable to the average user, is definitely an improvement over the G602. Even the slightest millisecond can mean the difference between life and death in games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. As previously stated, the fully customizable DPI settings allow users to set the exact sensitivity they prefer on a per game basis similar to the G-Key settings via individual game profiles.

The G900 may not be form-fitted to the hand like its predecessor due to the ability to be used by both hands, but it doesn’t really impact the comfort level in any way. The mouse fits nice in the hand, and, again, feels like nothing’s actually in your hand while being used.

The buttons react almost instantly upon press. At no point during my time using the G900 did I get any sort of input lag or even the slightest need to re-click the same button because it didn’t register. Even with the adapter tucked away behind my tower, the G900 was as responsive as if it were directly connected to my machine.



If you’re on the fence about wireless technology for PC gaming, do yourself a favor and take the plunge on the G900. I’ve never been against the idea of wireless, but this is a device that convinced me that there is no need to really go back to wired again. The performance is on par with other wired options like the G502 and Corsair Vengeance M65, and the extra range of movement along with the options provided via the Logitech Gaming Software make the G900 a must have for any serious gamer.


*The G900 was provided by Logitech for review purposes

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