Dallas Cowboys utilize special footballs in practices

Sounds coming from the Dallas Cowboys’ running-back practices range wider than the typical coaches’ whistles and players’ grunts…try throwing some high-pitched shrieks in the mix.

Introducing the most annoying football in the world, yet at the same time probably the most effective. Designed to train running backs with good habits in order to avoid fumbles, the football shrieks when a proper technique is performed. Yes, you read that right, it “rewards” players with the most absurd squeal when they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing.


Although the Cowboys don’t particularly have a big “fumbling problem”, the idea is to prevent any mistakes caused by lack of fundamentals and techniques in the 2016 season.

Cowboys running back coach, Gary Brown, iterates that the screech is music to his ears during a practice drill.

“You don’t want it low and loose. You want it high and tight. It’s a good mechanism to have. I want that ball singing,” says Brown.

And not to worry, Cowboys’ first-rounder, Ezekiel Elliott approves of the new mechanism.

“When you have the football in the perfect position with all the points covered and tight to your body, it sings to you,” Elliott said. “When it stops singing, you know you’re doing something wrong. So you want to make sure it’s singing the whole time.

In fact, he mentions that at Ohio State they used to hit them with bats to enforce good form, so he prefers the squak of the football…understandably.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to USA TODAY Sports

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