College Football: Over/Under win totals for 23 teams, according to Bovada

Popular sports betting website Bovada has just released win total over/unders for 23 of the nation’s top college football teams.

Sitting atop the list with 10.5 wins is last season’s runner-up, the Clemson Tigers. To quickly run by how it works, if the Tigers collect 11 or 12 wins, they would satisfy the “over,” having won more than 10.5 games. If you believe they will win 10 or less of their 12 game regular season schedule, you would take the “under.”

The Tigers had an undefeated regular season in 2015.

Last year’s national champions, the Alabama Crimson Tide, have their win marker set at 9.5 by Bovada. They were winners of 11 regular season games a season ago and many expect them to be equally as dominant this year, if not more dominant.

Expect a much heftier load of bets to take the “over” on the reigning champs.

The following is a list of all 23 of Bovada’s over/unders for the upcoming college football season which kicks off in September:

Alabama – 9.5 wins
Auburn – 7 wins
Baylor – 9 wins
Clemson – 10.5 wins
Florida – 8 wins
Florida State – 10 wins
Georgia – 8.5 wins
Houston – 9 wins
LSU – 9.5 wins
Louisville – 9 wins
Michigan – 9.5 wins
Michigan State – 8 wins
Notre Dame – 9 wins
Ohio State – 9 wins
Oklahoma – 10 wins
Oklahoma State – 8.5 wins
Oregon – 8.5 wins
Stanford – 8 wins
TCU – 8.5 wins
Tennessee – 10 wins
UCLA – 9 wins
UNLV – 4.5 wins
USC – 7.5 wins

Is your alma mater on the list? Will you put your trust in them this season?