Vols fan ‘Profanity Nammy’ has message for Georgia Bulldogs

Something about the watching the elderly curse and swear is wildly entertaining. It may be that their advanced age leads to an expected frailty that is inconsistent with telling college football players where to shove it. Or it may be that senior-citizen profanity is the final frontier of shock-value, and we revel in its rare appearance.

Or maybe it’s better to not to examine why it’s so great and just be grateful that we live in the era of the “Profanity Nammy.”

The dour tongued Volunteers fan has a message for the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend.

Here's your message from Profanity Nammy @FootballUGA @bustedcoverage #NammySays pic.twitter.com/Qa91jejk71

— Kris (@SKS86__) September 30, 2016

It’s disarming because you can imagine her saying this while serving you a slice of homemade pie that was nearly stolen off the windowsill by some no good scoundrels. Wash it down with a little sailor-talk, always goes down smooth.

Profanity Nammy, as she is branding herself, came to prominence last week against the Florida Gators. Her watching the Volunteers storm back in the second half must have been quite show.

Warning: This next video uses some adult language and some sign language.

Nammy has a message for @FloridaGators #GBO pic.twitter.com/5SjU2Q92dm

— Kris (@SKS86__) September 18, 2016

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