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Oklahoma RB Najee Bissoon speaks to protesters on campus


Since Donald Trump became president-elect, there have been growing protests across the nation. Protesters have filled the streets and organized on college campuses over the course of the last week, and that led to a protest taking place at the University of Oklahoma today.

Oklahoma President David Boren told protesters to stop yelling at the anti-Black Lives Matter demonstrators and threatened to have protesters arrested if they did not stay on the sidewalk, before Sooners running back Najee Bissoon grabbed a megaphone and delivered a pointed message to anyone who was listening.

“Everybody just look around. There’s different people, all y’all feel some type of way about the hate this man’s been spewing,” Bissoon said. “All of this energy you guys have right now, why don’t you all just come together as one? We just need to come together. At this time in America, everyone knows there is so much division.

“And there’s only one thing that can conquer hate, and that’s f*cking love.”

After the demonstrators left, Bissoon led a prayer with the hope of bringing everyone together.

What a great young man.

Bissoon is right. With so much division in this country, nothing will get better until we can all put that aside and come together. After all, we all want the same thing: a great country for all. We just may have different ideas of how to get there, but let’s not allow that to distract from the ultimate goal.

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