Ever wonder what is on Nick Saban’s iPod?

Nick Saban is a legendary, championship winning coach. He has found success every where he has gone (except Miami) and continues to build Alabama into a dynasty that can rival any we’ve ever seen before.

The only criticism that has remained throughout his career? Not a ton of personality at the microphone.

In fact, Saban has been so bland and devoid of human-ness when speaking to the media, that it is difficult to imagine he listens to music at all.

Surely, he must entertain himself in some way, though. We know he isn’t listening to hard hitting election coverage, and it seems unlikely that he would partake of the same kind of music his players listen to.

So then what does Nick Saban like to listen to?

Well, apparently he is a big fan of the Eagles. He is so much a fan of the Eagles, in fact, that he has watched them live with fellow lightening rod of fantastic enthusiasm; Bill Belchick.

They both coached for the Cleveland Browns in 1994 and watched the Eagles perform on their “Hell Freezes Over” tour.

As long as both coaches keep winning, I don’t think their fans will care much about their level of excitement when talking to the media.

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Photo Credit: Twitter

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