Lindsey Vonn’s broken arm isn’t stopping her from working out

Last week, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn announced she had suffered a gnarly broken arm.

Vonn shared photos of the injury on Facebook, while announcing that she had successfully undergone surgery to repair the injury. While most athletes would typically take time to recover from a broken bone and surgery, Vonn showed off her toughness over the weekend.

Rather than laying around at home on the couch and enjoying some relaxation over the weekend, Vonn decided it would be best to hit the gym.

That’s right, while we were all gathered around the television stuffing our faces and enjoying some cold, adult beverages while watching football, Vonn was hitting the gym and not letting a broken arm slow her down.

“Just because my arm is broken doesn’t mean I can’t keep working my legs,” Vonn wrote.

Thanks for making us all look lazy, Lindsey.

I guess we should find some time to hit the gym today, because we really have no excuse.

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