Video: Lindsey Vonn does pull-ups with a broken arm

Lindsey Vonn is putting the work in to recovering from the arm injury that sidelined her from action one month ago.

Today, she posted a video on her Instagram that should make you want to put your phone down and go outside for  little while. While in many circles, doing more than a few pull ups in a row serves as a passable party trick, Vonn does several with a recently mangled arm.

Try not to be impressed.

While these are rehab pull ups aided by the use of a large rubber band: incredible with all things considered.

The 32-year-old American icon has been injury prone throughout the course of her career, sustaining numerous major injuries. Vonn always seems to be in the process of rehabbing. She has suffered everything from concussions, to torn ligaments in her knee to finger fractures. Her most recent injury was a fracture of her humerus while she was training in Colorado.

At this kind of furious rehab rate, she’ll be patched up and back on the slopes in no time.

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Photo Credit: Instagram (@lindseyvonn)

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