ESPN’s Brett McMurphy makes terribly insensitive Joe Mixon joke

Think before you tweet, folks. Even if something sounds funny in your head, you have to make sure you aren’t sending something into the Twittersphere that is going to create negative backlash.

Unfortunately for ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, one of the best and most respective college football insiders in the game, he learned the hard way.

On Friday night following the release of the Joe Mixon video, which shows the Oklahoma running back viciously punching a woman in the head, McMurphy took to Twitter and sent off a serious of tweets. One of them included an incredibly insensitive joke about the incident.

Immediately, people began criticizing McMurphy for his comment and the tweet was deleted.

But this is the internet, so what you put out there lives on forever.


To McMurphy’s credit, he immediately apologized and faced the music. He sent out an apology and explained the tweet, saying it was meant to be a sarcastic message to the Oklahoma fans defending Mixon’s actions, but he realized it was an insensitive approach.

McMurphy wrote:

I deleted an earlier tweet that was part of a series of tweets I put out in response to what I considered to be a misguided group of some fans who seemed to be supportive of the horribly violent act captured on the Mixon video released tonight. Even in that context, my attempted sarcasm as a response to the blind loyalty fans were showing in the face of the horrific video was not the best way to make a point on something so sensitive. I apologize.

Credit to McMurphy for taking responsibility and holding himself accountable.

That’s more that can be said than some people who are too busy blocking people who ask for answers on why Mixon was so lightly punished after head coach Bob Stoops saw the graphic video.


We’re looking at you, Bob.

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