LaVar Ball Responds To Charles Barkley's Harsh Criticism

You knew it was coming, but you were hoping it wasn’t. LaVar Ball continues to find himself in front of cameras and microphones to talk about the greatness of his son, UCLA basketball star Lonzo Ball.
To an extent, it’s a endearing to see a father publicly display such confidence and pride it what his son can do.
The problem is, that extent was passed ages ago.
LaVar Ball has made several outlandish remarks concerning his sons basketball abilities. Recently, he said that his son Lonzo was going to be better than Steph Curry, and if they played one-on-one, Steph would encounter some trouble.
Charles Barkely responded to those comments, saying that “at some point, it becomes stupidity.”
It didn’t take LaVar to respond.

When asked whether he felt his comments about his son and Steph Curry went too far, LaVar Ball had this to say:

“No. On the fact that I have the utmost confidence in what my son does,” Ball said on The Undisputed. “And just because I say he’s better than somebody, who cares. I believe it. I don’t care what nobody else says. You can judge on your own.”
“I know what work my boy put in for me to say that,” Ball added. ‘Just because someone else has titles, I’m not disliking Steph Curry or nothing. What he’s done for himself, that’s for him. But I know what my boy’s all about. Lonzo was the best player in high school. He was the best player in college. You think he’s going to get to the pros and be like, ‘I made it to the pros, now I can be average?’”

Lonzo Ball failed to win Player of the Year in his conference (though he did take home the award for top Freshman), and likely wouldn’t be the top player taken in the draft. His father is doing wonders to garner media attention and shift the spotlight on his soon, but he might want to start pumping the brakes some. His son, while supremely talented, is far from a revelation on the basketball court. He isn’t the transcendent talent that Lebron was, or Kobe was, or even Tracey McGrady was.
It isn’t a matter of him deciding that he can now be average, it’s the level of play. Everybody at the NBA level was probably the best player on their high school team. They’re all good. Lonzo might not decide to be average, he might just be average when compared to everyone else.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/UCLA Basketball

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