LeBron James To LaVar Ball: Keep My Kids' Names Out Of Your Mouth

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LaVar Ball has gotten more publicity than a cleverly worded opening sentence can do justice. The outspoken father of UCLA standout Lonzo Ball continually makes attention grabbing headlines by making eyebrow-raising statements and hiding behind having no means of backing them up.
He might want to back off of this one, though. After making a comment that referenced LeBron James Jr. and the difficulty that the sons of legendary athletes face, he drew the ire of the papa bear.
“Keep my kids’ name out of your mouth, keep my family out of your mouth. This is dad to dad. It’s a problem now,” LeBron warned, via ESPN.com.

James comments were in response to a theory that LaVar Ball holds which states that if a player is great, his son likely won’t be. It’s the theory he uses to explain his poor performance correlating to his children’s star-designed greatness:

“You got LeBron, it’s going to be hard for his kids because they are going to look at them like, ‘You got to be just like your dad.’ And after a while, that pressure starts sitting on you like, ‘Why do I got to be just like him? What can’t I just be me?’ And then they are going to be like, ‘Aw, you’re soft, you’re not that good.’ Because the expectation is very, very high.”

LeBron didn’t take kindly to that.
James Jr. has been tearing it up on the AAU circuit, and his highlight reels have become viral sensations on more than one occasion. However, James has done his diligence to make sure that not to much is made of his sons accomplishments, in an effort to keep him grounded. Naturally, he doesn’t want someone else putting a ceiling over his kids potential.
“He can talk all about his brand, talk about his sons, talk about basketball, talk about me,” he added. “But keep my family out of this.”
LaVar Ball would beat LeBron James one-on-one.

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