NFL Executives: 'Colin Kaepernick Is A Traitor,' Worse Than Rae Carruth

Don’t be surprised if Colin Kaepernick tries to sell you the extended warranty at your local Toyota dealership in the near future.
The second-round pick who rose to prominence under Jim Harbaugh’s guidance in San Francisco apparently hasn’t made many friends around the league. According to an anonymous poll conducted by Bleacher Report of NFL executives, the survey suggests it might be a while until the socially-conscious quarterback is back on the field.

“I don’t want him anywhere near my team,” one front office executive said. “He’s a traitor.”
“He has no respect for our country,” another exec told Freeman. “(Expletive) that guy.”

All seven of the NFL executives polled believe Kaepernick will likely never play another snap of NFL football. As shocking as it is, the 28-year-old quarterback who possess both dynamism and playmaking ability with both his arms and legs, may have managed to do something worse than beat his girlfriend: protest the national anthem.

While players are often suspended for games at a time according to the whims of NFL commissioner Roger Goddell, the Kaepernick Collusion theory seems to be holding water as the offseason presses forward
. Yes, he was a distraction. But is his distraction worse than what Ray Rice or countless other NFL players have done? Why now? Why this? Why is this the singular instance in which NFL owners are willing to band together and say “this guy shouldn’t play in the league”.
One executive added that he hasn’t seen a player this universally dislike by NFL movers and shakers since the Carolina Panthers drafted Rae Carruth. Carruth floundered on the playing field, but rose to prominence in the news cycle when he was discovered to be devising a plan to have his girlfriend and unborn child murdered.
Kaepernick faces an uphill battle being signed. On top of seemingly every NFL executive willing to pretend he isn’t waiting in the unemployment line, he hasn’t been a very effective football player when given the opportunity. Kaepernick clearly has the skills to succeed in the NFL given the way he performed under Jim Harbaugh.
Though, to be fair, Harbaugh made Alex Smith look like an All-Star until the week he was benched for getting a concussion.
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