Myles Garrett Says He 'Choked Out' LSU TE Twice During Game

Myles Garrett has done everything right ahead of the NFL Draft at the end of April. He’s showed strength, speed, explosiveness and an unbelievable vertical leap in front of all the right people.
The Browns, who hold the first overall pick, are in desperate need of a quarterback, however Garrett’s freakish athleticism has many expecting him to go first overall anyway.
A lover of poetry, dinosaurs, and love songs, Garrett appears to the a GM’s dream come true at first overall.
Except for the fact that he apparently chokes people out during the game.

During Texas A&M’s 54-39 loss to the LSU Tigers, a game which saw the Tigers gash the Aggies for 298 yards on the ground, Garrett apparently choked out one of the Tigers tight ends after taking exception to an illegal block that allowed the runner to spring free.

“Against LSU my last year, I choked out their tight end two times in a row. He had it coming. He just kept holding me, so I picked him up, put him on his back and then I grabbed his face mask and kept jamming his helmet into the ground. I said, “I’m setting you straight right now. Don’t do illegal holds.”

Garrett spoke freely during an exclusive interview with ESPN, in which he discussed a wide-array of topics. However, it’s this confession which jumps out at the reader.
His aggressiveness can be viewed as a positive or a negative. Football is a violent sport, and having the meanest, nastiest guy on your team is a good thing. However, it’s also a sport which is facing sweeping changes ahead of legitimate concerns for player safety.
That kind of stuff might fly in the SEC, where they play for free, but the NFL hands out suspensions like kittens. No matter how fast he can run or high he can jump, an eight game suspension will nullify all of it.

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