College Football Fan Commits His Life To Trolling Alabama Fans

Some college football fans hate another team because they are rivals with their own team. The rivalries and pageantry are one of the best selling points for NCAA sports over professional leagues.

However, what happens when you aren’t so much a fan of one team, as much as simply not being a fan of another.

That’s what this man has seemingly devoted his life to:

Found this gentleman outside Bryant-Denny Stadium. He says he is from North Carolina.

"YOU GOT SOME NERVE," a lady sternly told him.

— Chandler Rome (@Chandler_Rome) April 22, 2017

So what? It’s a Clemson fan who showed up to rub the victory in the face of the team his bested in the championship last season. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? Wrong.

This is no Clemson fan, this is an anti-Bama fan.

Fairly confident this is one of the two dudes who showed up at SEC Media Days in 2015 wearing Ohio State gear

— Jerry Hinnen (@JerryHinnen) April 22, 2017

Dude on the right's the same guy, right?

— Jerry Hinnen (@JerryHinnen) April 22, 2017

As @JerryHinnen points out, is this the same guy? Seems like he has a thing for trolling Alabama if so…

— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) April 22, 2017

Ok, so not totally sure that it is the same guy. At a glance, the guy in the Ohio State gear appears to be slightly more robust. But that isn’t going to stop anyone from applauding these real-life trolls.

A lot of people take to the internet for this kind of stuff, here’s a dude (or dude’s, if they aren’t the same guy), who are willing to do it in the flesh.


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