Ed Orgeron: 'Gumbo Diet' Helped Tyler Shelvin Drop 60 Pounds

The craze is here: The gumbo diet. No Rice.
LSU football coach Ed Orgeron has been getting his Cajun on today, as a part of LSU annual speaking tour, Orgeron revealed that he can both speak french, and offer dietary advice.
On Tuesday, USA Today reported that Orgeron told incoming prospect Tyler Shelvin’s grandmother to feed him gumbo with no rice to help him lose weight.

“He is a very explosive young man,” Orgeron said. “I expect him to help us out this year. One thing I’m proud of Tyler is he got all the way up to 383. And I told his grandma, ‘Start feeding him gumbo with no rice.’ He called and said, ‘Coach, you killing me. I need more rice.’ But he got down to 325 pounds. I’m most proud of Tyler for that, and I think he’s going to be an excellent player for us.”

Orgeron is looking to make everything of his opportunity in LSU.
There was a gap of five years between head coaching jobs for him, something he doesn’t want to experience again. Winning on the field is the most important element, but don’t underestimate the power of winning over the fans.
Now a slim and trim 325 pounds, the incoming LSU freshman has put himself in a position to contribute right away. He’s show a commitment to transforming his body and being a part of the team, that’s a big hurdle out of the way.
As a highly touted five-star recruit, LSU must be thrilled to see this kind of commitment from one of its most talented young players.
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