John Calipari: 'Kentucky Eats First' With Possible Eligibility Rule Change

There could be rule changes on the horizon for the NBA and it’s youngest eligible players. Regardless of what the rule change is, you can bet John Calipari will make sure his team is taken care of.
SEC Country reported a comment made by the Kentucky basketball coach during a teleconference.

“Whatever happens in this as we go forward, ‘Kentucky eats first.’ I’m not saying that to be arrogant,” Calipari said. “You know it. So, however we play this, it isn’t me talking about whatever would be best for Kentucky or my program.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently said that he doesn’t think the NBA minimum age rule is working. While the NBA would like to see the minimum age increase to 20, others are advocating for it to be reduced to 18.
There is also talk that they will take the approach that Major League Baseball has taken with its amateur players. Athletes out of high school are eligible to be drafted into the MLB. However, if they decided to go to college, they must remain there for a minimum of three seasons.
Calipari is notorious for his use of the “one-and-done” strategy. It has helped him sustain powerhouse status in Kentucky and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight.
Many doubt the NBA will be willing to go back to a system that allows the league to admit high school basketball players again. There were frustrations from coaches and front office officials that the inexperienced players were watering down the talent pool.
Calipari doesn’t seem worried about the program either way. He said the basketball program will “probably be about where it is in 50 years.”
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