Baker Mayfield Settles With Courts To Pay Fines For Arrest

Baker Mayfield’s arrest included one of the best tackles off of a football field all year. After attempting to break up an altercation, police told an intoxicated Mayfield to stay put for questioning.
The Oklahoma football star panicked, and took off running. He got about six steps before being thrown to the ground.
Now, it is all settled.
The Norman Transcript reported the final price tag stemming from Mayfield’s arrest.
Mayfield was hit with charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct and fleeing. Those charges carry a fine of $100 each. With an additional $160 in court costs, the entire ordeal will end up costing Mayfield a total of $460.

In addition to the fines, Oklahoma will require Mayfield to complete an alcohol education class, as well as 35 hours of community service.
Mayfield has regularly stated his remorse and “embarrassment” for what transpired.

“As I stated earlier, I could not be more disappointed in my actions and the embarrassment they caused for my university and team,” Mayfield said. “I am anxious to fulfill the responsibilities that have been set and am continuing to dedicate myself to the high standard that everyone rightfully expects from someone in my position.”

Oklahoma will not suspend him, or cause him to miss any time on the field. With a week against Ohio State in week two of the season, that’s probably a wise decision. All-in-all, Mayfield’s arrest was a fairly innocuous one, with little drama and no real victim involved.
There is little doubt he’ll finish the required community service hours before the semester begins on Aug. 21. If the Sooners are able to live up to expectations this season, his arrest will be nothing but a footnote.

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