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Alabama WR Calvin Ridley Wants A Piece Of The Freeze


The Freeze has usurped the Milwaukee Sausage Race as the most entertaining in-game promotion in Major League Baseball.

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s how it goes.

Between innings during Atlanta Braves home games, one lucky (or unlucky, see below) fan is selected to race the mascot known as “The Freeze.” The Fan is given a sizable head start before the Freeze leaves the left field foul line in pursuit of him.

Usually what happens is that the fan is caught from behind and loses to the blazing fast Braves promotional sprinter.

Alabama’s Calvin Ridley thinks he’s got the goods to beat him though.

Not sure if he’s seen this video, but he might want to check it out before posting things on Twitter.

On second thought, Ridley must have watched it, because he was adamant about getting the head start if they were to actually race.

Ridley has blazing speed in his own right, and outpaces a number of the supremely fast competition he meets on the college football gridiron on Saturdays.

But the Freeze is an actual sprinter. His name is Nigel Talton, and he was a college sprinter, and he runs the 60 meters in 6.77 seconds.

As fast as Ridley is, he might actually need that head start if this race comes to pass.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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