Adam Silver Discusses Lowering NBA Draft Age Minimum Again

The record number of college freshman who declared for the NBA Draft has caused the league to take notice. Many feel that the one-and-done rule has gotten out of hand. The league wants the age raised a year to 20 years old. Many of the players and coaches at both levels want it brought back down to 18.
It’s a complex, multi-faceted problem with no clear-cut answer.
After appearing on the Dan Patrick show, NBA Commissioner suggested that changing the age minimum is “a possible option. It’s on the table.” Silver went on to suggest that he isn’t sure what he thinks the best option is.
The age minimum is expected to be discussed in an upcoming owners meeting.
Changing the age minimum echoes beyond the world of basketball. There are social and economic factors at play when considering the decision. Teams hazard to pay a teenager millions of dollars while hoping he develops into the player they project.
Whatever rule the NBA decided to change or uphold will affect the way lower levels of basketball are conducted. That’s what this decision is really about; everything that happens before the players reach Adam Silver’s door.
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