Floyd Mayweather Sr. Says Son Has A Hand Issue That Will Limit KO Power

The excuses are already being planted by the Floyd Mayweather camp. After making his career by dodging fighters while they were in their prime, then peppering them with jabs once they were too slow to catch up, Mayweather is bucking the trend.
If it comes back to bite him, his dad already has him covered.
Speaking with FOX Sports 11, Mayweather Sr. said he doesn’t expect his son to knock out McGregor because he has a “hand problem.” He wouldn’t go into detail as to exactly what the problem was, and which hand it was afflicting.
Sr. still believes his son will make McGregor look silly in the ring, though.

“I ain’t gonna say a knockout, because my son got a hand problem,” Mayweather Sr. said Tuesday. “That’s a true story, he got a hand problem.”

He continued:

“He gonna make Conor McGregor look like a fool. Believe me.”

Few are giving McGregor a chance to beat Mayweather in the fight the highly publicized bout. Conservative estimates put the brash Irishman’s chances of winning somewhere between the 0-1% range. But if Mayweather is fighting with a hand problem, does that give McGregor a bump of a few percentage points? Perhaps as high as three-percent?
Mayweather has never been known for knocking out his opponents. His approach is far more Olympic, preferring to keep his opponent at bay and win each round.
If McGregor is going to win the fight, he’ll need to catch Mayweather napping and drop him to the canvas early.

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