VIDEO: Steph Curry Plays In A Strange 5-On-2 Korean Basketball Game

And the legend of Steph Curry grows.
Coming off one of the best years of his professional life, Steph Curry decided to make a quick stop in South Korea with his brother Seth. The two NBA stars agreed to take on a team of five outstanding average Korean basketball players.
As if that weren’t enough of an advantage, there were three large, inflatable balloons in the shape of basketball players protecting the rim, and the opposing team shot into a humungous basket.
I’m sure there are more handicaps if you look for them.
The final result was exactly the same as if they hadn’t been there, though. You’ve never seen a group of people so thrilled to lose.

Apparently Curry’s buzzer beating half-court shot was worth five-points, enough to lift them to victory. With everyone stunned, the Curry brothers just seemed like they were having another day at the office.
The game was part of a South Korean game show, and the Curry brothers didn’t fail to disappoint. If anything, this proved something people have already known for years: Game shows on the other side of the world are weird, man.
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