Dick Vitale Thinks It's Outrageous Colin Kaepernick Can't Get A Job

If there is any doubt as to whether Colin Kaepernick was intentionally being kept out of the NFL, ESPN’s Dick Vitale is looking to put it to rest.
Dickie V used his personal social media accounts to address the fact that Kaepernick still isn’t on an NFL team. While Vitale’s typical purview is NCAA basketball, the situation that Kaepernick has found himself is relevant across all levels and types of sport.
In a resounding endorsement of his pal Stephen A. Smith, Vitale said he understands why Smith recently went on one of his famous diatribes about Kaepernick deserving a job in the NFL.


After the former 49ers quarterback decided to drop to a knee during the National Anthem during the 2017 football season, instances of the same sprouted up across several different sports. In some cases, even the marching band took a knee while playing the anthem.
Despite the fact that Kaepernick has said that he won’t be continuing the protest in the same way in 2018, teams have not wanted to tender him a contract.
Whether it is a result of a deed that NFL owners deem needs punishment, whether they want to avoid bring any distraction into camp or both isn’t clear. It’s probably both. Will Kaepernick be signed to a team this season? Who knows, but there aren’t many opportunities for it to happen remaining. Dickie V certainly thinks he belongs on a team.
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