Jeopardy Contestant Miserably Whiffs On Easiest College Football Question Ever

It seems like every time there is a sports question on Jeopardy, there is a high chance for miserable failure. That happened again on Thursday night with one of the easiest college football questions you will ever see.
The category was “Looking At Colleges,” when the following clue was given:

You can write for its Prairie Schooner literary mag, plus you’re 6’5″, 330–you’d be a good Cornhusker lineman for this U.

It doesn’t get much easier than that, right? I mean, Cornhusker. C’mon! That’s a dead giveaway.
Unfortunately, contestant Alec took a swing at answering the question and whiffed beyond belief. His answer? Oklahoma.
Just watch it all unfold below.

Better luck next time, Alec.

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