Kevin Sumlin's Racist Letter Being Investigated By Authorities

After starting his SEC coaching career 11-2 in 2012, Teas A&M football coach Kevin Sumlin has failed to reach double-digit wins again. Last week, his Aggies blew a 44-10 lead against UCLA, enraging fans who have grown tired of Sumlin’s perceived ineptitude as a coach.
Frustration with a coach that isn’t performing as well as a fan would like is nothing new, and to a certain extent, it comes with the territory.
But it goes without say that what came next for Kevin Sumlin was well out of bounds.
A racist Texas A&M supporter sent him hate mail that prominently featured racial slurs and was punctuated with a threat.
Sumlin’s wife wisely posted the letter on Twitter.

“You suck as a coach! You’re a n****r and can’t win! Please get lost!”

On Saturday, ESPN reported that Brazos county in Texas has officially opened an investigation to find who sent the letter. Because there was a return address on the piece of post, it might not take that long to figure out who it was, even if it wasn’t their home address.
The address that is listed is to the Houston Country Club.
Regardless of how a coach performs, even Sumlin’s biggest detractors will agree that this is absolutely sickening.
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