UGA Football Fans Left Without Tickets Due To Overselling

Here’s a problem you’d never run into with the traditional form of scalping… The Georgia Bulldogs and Notre Dame Fighting Irish have only met once before, and considering that Notre Dame is one of the Holy Land’s of college football, it’s no wonder Bulldogs fans wanted to catch the game.
They’re a loyal bunch and willing to pay a premium to watch their team play ball.
Ultimately, that might be what did them in.
Hundreds of Georgia fans who thought they’d made all the necessary preparation to catch the game arrived in South Bend to discover that they tickets they’d paid for didn’t exist. Well, they exist, but they can’t have them.
A man named Seth Cook, who runs a website called AllSports, sold a bunch of tickets he didn’t actually have. After Notre Dame fans saw that Georgia fans were willing to pay a pretty penny to be in attendance for the game, they decided to try and sell them on their own. In effect, Cook sold a commodity he didn’t actually have.
A word exists for this: fraud.
There is a good chance this could land him in jail, too. The Atlanta NBC affiliate is reporting that the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is willing to take action, but only after a crime has been committed. That means someone who paid for a ticket not getting one.
Until then, you have to assume that Cook is going to make good on his sales.
Evidence points to the contrary.
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