VIDEO: Re-Live The Best Walk-On Scholarship Reveals

One of the best parts of the college football season actually takes place in the months before the opening week. Before a single tackle is made in regulation, coaches get the chance to make dreams come true for players on their team.

It’s become part of a growing trend to record video of a walk-on athlete being awarded a scholarship.

The players are always caught off-guard, and the ensuing reaction is worth watching every time. In addition to the raw emotions the players themselves feel, the outburst from their teammates is just as satisfying.

ESPN recently did a spotlight on this phenomenon, essentially creating a collage of feel good moments around the FBS.

Playing college athletics, carrying a full course load, and trying to work and pay your way through school is no small task. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. That’s why it means so much to these players when they are told they don’t have to worry about paying for school anymore.

They get to leave their part-time jobs, focus on their studies, and receive validation for all the hard work they’ve put in at practice. The emotions are raw, and especially when you get to see the parents react as well.

It’s about as heartwarming as the football season is going to get.

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