Baker Mayfield Apologizes For Planting Flag On Ohio State Field

The Oklahoma Sooners should be basking in the glory of a win over the Ohio State Buckeyes. Instead, Baker Mayfield is issuing more apologies.
It’s becoming something of a trend for him.
At least this time it’s football related.
Following a defining win for the Sooners program, Mayfield planted an OU flag in the middle of the field in Columbus. Some people at Ohio State didn’t take too kindly to that, and to avoid any further controversy, Mayfield apologized while addressing the press today.

That’s easily the most half-hearted apology of the football season so far. It’s early though, there will be plenty more of apologies between now and the National Championship.
And frankly, he shouldn’t have to apologize.
Mayfield led his team to victory and was enjoying the fruits of his spoils. There was nothing specifically directed at Ohio State or at a particular player. It was about his triumph, not to denigrate his opponent. It’s easy to understand why Brutus and Co. would feel slighted, but that’s probably more a result of having been beaten convincingly at home.
But Mayfield did well to apologize, effectively nulling this as a topic of conversation. If the goal is to minimize distraction, apologizing and never addressing it again is the way to go. Whether or not an apology was actually in order is besides the point.
Mayfield tossed three touchdowns and 386-yards through the air. He completed 77.1 percent of his passes in route to the OU 31-16 victory.
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