Ohio State’s Mike Weber Responds To Baker Mayfield’s Flag Stunt

In case you hadn’t heard, Oklahoma beat Ohio State and they aren’t taking it very well.

Following the game, Baker Mayfield took the OU flag and planted it at midfield of the Buckeyes’ stadium. This has prompted borderline outrage from Ohio State supporters and players, and eventually resulted in Mayfield apologizing for letting his emotions get the best of him.

It’s safe to suspect that he was told he had to issue an apology by one of the members of the coaching staff.

On Monday, Ohio State running back Mike Weber responded to Mayfield’s post-game flag plant on social media:

He knew to wait until we went into the locker room to pull this one off https://t.co/JOgOdEsbQ5

— Mike Weber (@mikeweberjr) September 11, 2017

Weber touched the ball five times all game and accounted for a total of 49 yards; he appears to have never left the locker room to begin with.

The fact that Mayfield was forced, either explicitly behind closed doors or through public pressure, is indicative of the state of sports right now. Even in collegiate athletics where the players are “playing for school pride,” if they express any of that competitiveness in triumph, they’re persecuted for it.

Be passionate, but not too passionate.

These two teams won’t meet again unless it is part of the post-season. With this kind of intensity brewing so early in the season, a post-season matchup between them would be a huge draw and highly anticipated.

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