Oklahoma State Football Player Arrested On Felony Drug Charges

His athletic football career hasn’t even started, but Brendan Andrew Vaughn appears headed for “Last Chance U” if he is ever going to play football again. The redshirt freshman linebacker was arrested in his dorm on Saturday after police followed a “strong odor of fresh marijuana” to his door.
When they got to his door, they could smell the marijuana and could hear a vacuum sealer running inside the room.
According to a report on OColly.com, police knocked on the door and after receiving no answer initially, knocked again. They were greeted by three men, two of which lived there and said their roommate, Vaughn, was in his room.
The police asked him if they could check the room for marijuana and he obliged. Once inside, the found a “small pile of green leafy substance” on the desk in front of the window and a shoe box with a vacuum-sealed food bag containing a “large” amount of what appeared to be marijuana. They placed Vaughn under arrest while they continued to search the rest of the room.
In his closet, they found an “even larger bag” of the substance in a suitcase, “several” more vacuum-sealed bags of the substance, a safe, a digital scale, and a Versace sunglasses box containing more than $1,500, according to court records.
Police also found more than $500 in a dresser drawer.
In total, they found $2,119 and  1 1/2 pounds of marijuana in his room.
Brendan Andrew Vaughn was a three-star recruit out of Texas. He was rated as the sixth best outside linebacker in the talent rich state, and the 38th best in the country. He was charged Tuesday with one count of felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute within 2,000 feet of a school and one misdemeanor charge of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.
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Photo Credit: Payne County Courthouse

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