VIDEO: Iowa State Plants Flag At Midfield In Oklahoma Following Upset Win

File this one away under “taste of your own medicine.” Following the shocking upset in Norman, Oklahoma, the Iowa State football team planted the state flag of Iowa at the 50-yard line.
As huge underdogs, the Cyclones managed to eek out a win over the heavily favored Oklahoma Sooners.
They’re glad they decided to bring the flag with them to this game.
Earlier this season Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield made headlines following Oklahoma’s victory at Ohio State. Following the win, Mayfield took the Oklahoma Sooners flag and attempted to plant it at midfield. He failed to do so because the field at Ohio State is turf, but it was enough to outrage Buckeyes fans and players.
The Cyclones were playing with their backup quarterback and relied on their defense to limit a potent Sooners offense to as few points as possible. Hanging around long enough, the Cyclones struck the decisive blow with only minutes remaining on the clock in the fourth quarter.
They took a 38-31 lead that stood as the final score of the game.
Mayfield isn’t well liked by those outside of Sooners Nation. If he so much as eludes to the Cyclones planting the flag at midfield, he’ll be called a hypocrite across social media.
Only thing for Oklahoma to do now is start looking towards their matchup against Texas next week.
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