Mike Leach Gives Epic 10-Minute Rant About College Football Playoff Expansion

Washington State football coach Mike Leach delivered an epic 10-minute rant about College Football Playoff expansion.
It was immediately clear that Leach has spent plenty of time thinking about his plans for possible expansion and he laid them out perfectly — with some sarcasm sprinkled in — while explaining that the FBS should get it together like the rest of the football world to install a playoff system that incorporates more teams.
Leach’s ideal plan would include 64 teams — much like college basketball’s March Madness — with 16 teams being the absolute minimum.
“You could get it all done by January 1 or sooner, depending on how you did it. You could even just map out the weeks so it works out pretty easy,” Leach said.
“The other thing is heck yeah people would watch. And if something is riding on the game, people would select teams like they do in basketball, and dark horses and teams they want. They’d have little sheets with office pools and everything else. And they’d either laugh and taunt their friends or the other way around as their team did well. Yeah, it’d be fantastic.”
With Leach’s Cougars currently sitting outside of the top four and very possibly on the outside looking in when the official playoff field is announced, it’s no surprise he’s getting ahead of the game and beginning his push for an expansion of the playoff field immediately.
You can watch the full rant below:


What do you think? Should the College Football Playoff expand? Is 64 teams too many? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.
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