David Stern: Marijuana Should 'Probably' Be Removed From NBA's Ban List

Former NBA commissioner David Stern appears to have had a change of heart regarding marijuana.
During an interview for Uninterrupted with former NBA player Al Harrington, the ex-commissioner said that he believes marijuana should “probably” be removed from the league’s list of banned substances.
Harrington is a cannabis entrepreneur and was able to get Stern to admit he has finally come around.
“I’m now at the point where, personally, I think [marijuana] probably should be removed from the ban list,” Stern said as transcribed by SI.com. “I think there is universal agreement that marijuana for medical purposes should be completely legal.
“It’s a completely different perception. I think we have to change the Collective Bargaining Agreement and let you do what is legal in your state. If marijuana is now in the process of being legalized, I think you should be allowed to do what’s legal in your state.”


The entire documentary highlights the medicinal use of marijuana by professional athletes and its benefits to those who are putting their bodies on the line every day.
Harrington believes an overwhelming majority of professional athletes smoke marijuana, so removing the drug from the banned substance list would remove potential punishment from people who are simply trying to take advantage of the medical benefits marijuana offers.
Do you think marijuana should be removed from the NBA’s banned substance list? The NFL’s? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

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