Genie Bouchard & Friends Own Halloween With Baywatch Costumes–BYniCh2i/

It’s Halloween season and everyone is eager to show off their holiday looks on social media. Tennis star Genie Bouchard is no different than the rest of us, but her Halloween game went next level.
Bouchard channeled her inner-lifeguard for a perfect Baywatch costume along with some friends.
The entire group dressed together, taking “squad goals” to a new level.
Is a Baywatch costume easy to pull off? Sure, it’s really just a bathing suit. But hey, the nostalgia that comes with the show makes the costume a hit every time. And then there’s the famous slow motion run that just had to be done.

This may not go down as the best costume of the Halloween season when it’s all said and done, but Bouchard is starting out hot with an early contender.

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