Ben Simmons Says His Time At LSU Was 'Pointless'

Calling the NCAA a soul-sucking, corrupt business that profits callously from at the hands unpaid skilled laborers isn’t as hot a take as it used to be. But that isn’t stopping Ben Simmons from speaking his mind on the subject.
In a recent interview with Maverick Carter, Simmons spoke candidly on the subject of college basketball.
“The NCAA is really f—-d up,” Simmons said.
But he didn’t stop there. Simmons, who has plans to become one of the leading voices for reform for the sake of players in the NCAA, says his one year at LSU was pointless.
“I can’t get a degree in two semesters, so it’s kind of pointless. I feel like I’m wasting time,” Simmons said.
The interview was part of a larger documentary currently in production called “One and Done”, and Simmons life story is chronicled during the film. During the interview, Simmons says that he didn’t attend a single class during the second semester of the school year.
“I got Bs and Cs, I’m not going to class next semester because I don’t need to,” Simmons said. “I’m here to play, I’m not here to go to school.”
The interview comes at a time where the NCAA is facing more corruption charges than it knows what to do with. There are massive amounts of money exchanging hands and none of it appears to make it into the hands of the players. The “one and done” rule has become something of a penance for collegiate players; they log their year of slave labor then move on to the NBA where they can cash in on their talent.
Simmons has an eye to change the way things are done between collegiate basketball and the NBA, and if his comments here are any indication, he’s not messing around.

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Mike Krzyzewski Favors Ending One-&-Done Rule