College Football Uniform Roundup, Week 13: Best Looks Of The Week

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It’s rivalry weekend, and that means huge viewership numbers. There might not be a better opportunity for a number of teams to show off what their design team can come up with than week 13. With the regular season coming to a close, a number of programs are pulling out all of the stops.
Get your fill, because it’s the last regular season uniform roundup of the 2017 college football season.
There might not be a program in all of college football that is willing to bust out alternate jersey’s the way Ohio State is. At least not among the “traditional” programs.

Air Force is breaking out a unique look this week as well.
They’re going with a special alternate all-grey uniform. The helmets are the real star though. Air Force’s helmets are part of the air power legacy series. There are five different designs modeled after helmets that pilots used to actually wear.

SMU is going with the all-black, chrome red look this week. This uniform was put together at the request of the players and the university came through in a major way.
The look is downright mean, and with the city skyline buried in the helmet decal it’s something they should considering using more often.

Considering it is the final week of the regular season, we should take a moment to thank the Oregon program for all they’ve done. Without them, the uniform craze might not be what it is.
The Ducks are showing off in style for the final week of the season. All green with some yellow accent marks are one of the better looks they’ve had while managing to stay true to their traditional colors.

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