LeBron James Trolls Michigan, Congratulates Ohio State On Win

On the off chance that you weren’t aware, LeBron James is from Ohio. He’s become a regular fixture on the sideline of Ohio State-Michigan games in the last few years, and has expressed interest in playing a few downs for the Buckeyes in the past.
He wasn’t able to make it out to the game this year, but that didn’t stop him from watching.
The King was watching, and he liked what he saw.
Following OSU’s 31-20 win over the Wolverines, he took to Instagram to congratulate the team, and let people know he doesn’t read Instagram comments.


James refused to use the letter “M” in his message, customary of Ohioans during the week of “The Game.”
But while he wasn’t there in the physical realm, he was there in spirit. All the players on the Ohio State roster were wearing cleats molded after his shoes.
Even Michigan appeared intent on making sure that James was represented in the game.

Even while showing his appreciation, James refused to use the letter “M”, instead using a big, red “X” in their place. Tweets take a little longer to read this way, but the hatred of Blue fuels the patience to try and figure out what things are supposed to say.
That’s a nut at the end by the way. A buckeye is a nut.

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