UGA LB Natrez Patrick's Arrest Was For Tiny Pot Crumb; Charges Dropped

UGA football player Natrez Patrick was arrested earlier this month for misdemeanor possession of marijuana. It was the third marijuana-related arrest in the past two years.
The good news for Patrick, however, is that the Barrow County district attorney’s office decided to drop the charge.‘s Mark Schlabach shared the news on Thursday.
Not only is this good news for Patrick, but it’s good news for humanity. That’s because whoever the arresting officer was should be ashamed for taking the linebacker in for this embarrassingly small amount of weed.

That was it?! Really? Did the cops think they were locking up some kingpin and keeping the wacky tobacky off the street? Good grief.
Perhaps the best response to the amount of weed that led to Patrick’s arrest came from Sports on Earth’s Will Leitch.
According to Patrick’s attorney, he was simply sitting on the tiny crumb.
“When you get into someone’s car, you’re not going to search it to see if there’s marijuana in the car,” Patrick’s attorney, William Healan III, told ESPN. “My client didn’t know the marijuana was there. If you’re sitting on a little piece of marijuana that you didn’t know was there, you’re not knowingly in possession of it.”
The No. 3 Bulldogs face off against No. 2 Oklahoma on Jan. 1 in the 2018 Rose Bowl.

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