Jeopardy Sports Questions Continue To Stump Contestants: This time, Josh Rosen

Jeopardy bring us some of the brightest minds in the country every night on television, but when it comes to sports questions they always seem to get stumped.
That was once again the case on Monday night.
One of the clues in the “Weren’t those college kids great?” category was regarding star quarterback Josh Rosen, who is projected as one of the top signal-callers in the 2018 NFL Draft.
All the contestants had to do was identify what college Rosen attended.
Anyone who has watched a second of college football knows the answer is UCLA, but the three Jeopardy contestants continue to prove that they know nothing about any question regarding a sports topic.
Check it out:

C’mon, people!
To be fair, they did redeem themselves — well, at least contestant Sean did — by correctly identifying the colleges of Kevin Durant, Phil Mickelson, Katie Ledecky and David Robinson.
Better luck next time, everyone.
And don’t the Jeopardy sports categories always make you wish that “Stump the Schwab” would return to ESPN?

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