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2018 Winter Olympics Parade of Nations: Complete List Of Flag Bearers


The 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony takes place on Friday morning, with 92 National Olympic Committees set to take part in the Parade of Nations at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium.

The Parade of Nations allows all 2,952 athletes competing in the XXIII Olympic Winter Games to march with their countrymen before the lighting of the Olympic torch which officially kicks off the games. Each country is led by their flag bearer, usually a top athlete from their country.

Luge star Erin Hamilton will lead the United States of America into the stadium with the honor of carrying the stars and stripes.

A viral sensation from the Summer Olympics, Pita Taufatofua of Tonga, who will be participating in cros-country skiing, will once again be carrying the flag for his country. The last time we spotted Taufatofua at an Opening Ceremony, he created plenty of buzz for his chiseled physique as he marched through the stadium shirtless.

As countries enter Olympic Stadium, the names of the nations will be announced in French, followed by English and Korean.

Who will be carrying the flag for each nation?

The complete list of flag bearers for the 2018 Winter Olympics Parade of Nations can be seen below:

Country Flagbearer Event
Albania Suela Mehilli Alpine Skiing
Andora Irineu Esteve Altimiras Cross-Country Skiing
Argentina Sebastiano Gastaldi Alpine Skiing
Armenia Mikayel Mikayelan Cross-Country Skiing
Australia Scotty James Snowboard
Austria Anna Veith Alpine Skiing
Azerbaijan Patrick Brachner Alpine Skiing
Belarus Alla Tsuper Freestyle Skiing
Belgium Seppe Smits Snowboard
Bermuda Tucker Murphy Cross-Country Skiing
Boliva Simon Breitfuss Kammerlander Alpine Skiing
Bosnia & Herzegovina Elvedina Muzaferua Alpine Skiing
Brazil Edson Bindilatti Bobsleigh
Bulgaria Radoslav Yankov Alpine Skiing
Canada Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir Figure Skating
Chile Henrik Von Appen Alpine Skiing
China Yang Zhou Short Track Speed Skating
Chine Taipei Te-An Lien Luge
Colombia Pedro Causil Speed Skating
Croatia Natko Zrncic Dim Alpine Skiing
Cryprus Dinos Lefkaritus Alpine Skiing
Czech Republic Eva Samkova Snowboard
Demark Elena Moller Rigas Speed Skating
Dem Rep of Timor-Leste Yohan Goncalves Goutt Alpine Skiing
Ecuador Klaus Jungbluth Cross-Country Skiing
Eritrea Shannon-Obgnai Abeda Alpine Skiing
Estonia Saskia Alusalu Speed Skating
Finland Janne Ahonyen Ski Jumping
France Martin Fourcade Biathlon
Georgia Morisi Kvitelashvili Figure Skating
Germany Eric Frenzel Nordic Combined
Ghana Akwasi Frimpong Skeleton
Great Britain Lizzy Yarnold Skeleton
Greece Sophia Ralli Alpine Skiing
Hong Kong Arabella Caroline Yili Ng Alpine Skiing
Hungary Konrad Nagy Speed Skating
Iceland Freydis Halla Einarsdottir Alpine Skiing
India Shiva Keshavan Luge
Iran Samarneh Beyrami Baher Cross-Country Skiing
Ireland Seamus O’Connor Snowboard
Israel Alexei Bychenko Figure Skating
Italy Arianna Fontana Short Track Speed Skating
Jamaica Audra Segree Bobsleigh
Japan Noriaki Kasai Ski Jumping
Kazakhstan Abzal Azhgaliyev Short Track Speed Skating
Kenya Sabrina Simander Alpine Skiing
Korea Chung Gum Hwang, Yunjong Won Ice Hockey, Bobsleigh
Kosovo Alib Tahiri Alpine Skiing
Kyrgyzstan Tariel Zharkmybaev Cross-Country Skiing
Latvia Daumants Drieskens Bobsleigh
Lebanon Samer Tawk Cross-Country Skiing
Liechenstein Marco Pfiffner Alpine Skiing
Lithuania Tomas Kaukenas Biathlon
Luxemborg Matthieu Osch Alpine Skiing
Macedonia Stavre Jada Cross-Country Skiing
Madagascar Mialitiana Stephanie Charlotte Clerc Alpine Skiing
Malaysia Julian Zhi Jie Lee Figure Skating
Malta Elise Pellegrin Alpine Skiing
Mexico German Madrazo Cross-Country Skiing
Moldova Nicolae Gaiduc Cross-Country Skiing
Monaco Rudy Rinaldi Bobsleigh
Mongolla Achbadrakh Batmunkh Cross-Country Skiing
Montenegro Jelena Vujicic Alpine Skiing
Morocco Samir Azzimani Cross-Country Skiing
Netherlands Jan Smeekens Speed Skating
New Zealand Beau-James Wells Freestyle Skiing
Nigeria Ngozi Onwimere Bobsleigh
Norway Emil Hegle Biathlon
Olympic Athlete from Russia POCOG Volunteer
Pakistan Muhammad Karim Alpine Skiing
Philippines Asa Miller Alpine Skiing
Poland Zbigniew Brodka Speed Skating
Portugal Kequyen Lam Cross-Country Skiing
Puerto Rico Charles Flaherty Alpine Skiing
Romania Marius-Petru Ungureanu Biathlon
San Marino Alessandro Mariotti Alpine Skiing
Serbia Nevena Ighjatovic Alpine Skiing
Singapore Cheyenne Goh Short Track Speed Skating
Slovakia Veronika Velez Zuzulova Alpine Skiing
Slovenia Vesna Fabjan Cross-Country Skiing
South Africa Connor Wilson Alpine Skiing
Spain Lucas Eguibar Snowboard
Sweden Niklas Edin Curling
Switzerland Dario Cologna Cross-Country Skiing
Thailand Mark Charloung Cross-Country Skiing
Togo Mathilde-Amivi Petitjean Cross-Country Skiing
Tonga Pita Taufatofua Cross-Country Skiing
Turkey Faith Aroa Ipioglu Ski Jumping
Ukraine Olena Pidhrushna Biathlon
USA Erin Hamlin Luge
Uzbekistan Komiljon Tukhtaev Alpine Skiing



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