Christian Fauria Suspended For Racist Don Yee Impression

Christian Fauria has been suspended by WEEI following a terrible lapse in judgement on Friday when discussing the bizarre catfishing story which led to the Boston Herald’s Ron Borges writing a fake story about Tom Brady.
Someone posed as Brady’s agent, Don Yee, to dupe Borges into writing the story.
That led to the Ordway, Merloni & Fauria crew going into conversation about the incident and Fauria decided go way too far.
Fauria began speaking in a stereotypical Asian accent — despite Don Yee having no accent — because, as Fauria said, Yee “sounds like an Asian guy.”
Once informed Yee didn’t have an accent, Fauria kept on going anyway because “it’s so much more fun that way.”
You can listen to the audio of Fauria’s impression by clicking here, via Deadspin.
As a result of the racist impression, WEEI announced it will be suspended Fauria for five days.
WEEI released the following statement on Fauria’s suspension:

“Earlier today during his show, Christian Fauria impersonated athlete agent, Don Yee in an insensitive and ill-conceived attempt at humor. We regret Christian’s commentary and we apologize to Mr. Yee and those offended by the segment,” WEEI said in a statement. “We do not support or condone Christian’s comments, and we have suspended him for five days effective immediately.”

Fauria took to social media to apologize.
“Earlier today I made a horrible attempt at humor. In a segment during the show, I impersonated agent Don Yee in an insensitive and regrettable way. I want to publicly apologize to Don and anyone in the audience who heard it,” he wrote on Twitter.
“I have also reached out to Don directly to personally apologize. I have been disciplined by WEEI management and I fully support their decision.”
Fauria is lucky to only get sidelined for five days for the amount of racism and poor judgement he showed.

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