Report: Donald Trump Did Nothing To Free LiAngelo Ball, Detained UCLA Players

A report is claiming that Donald Trump had nothing to do with helping UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill return home to the United States after they were detained in China for shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store. Shocker, we know.
Trump initially claimed that he helped the players and blasted an “ungrateful” LaVar Ball for not thanking him free his son, but a new report from reveals that Ball was correct in saying he did nothing for LiAngelo and his teammates.
A UCLA team source told ESPN that the players were no longer under house arrest by the time Trump even acknowledged the players’ situation and that they were already free of charges and ready to travel home with their flights booked.

“The players were already checked into the hotel before the public discovered they were arrested,” a team source said. “They also were not under house arrest. It was our decision to keep them at the hotel until the situation was resolved. The charges were dropped, they weren’t reduced, and that happened two days before we heard from Gen. [John] Kelly.”

No one is surprised by this, right?
Trump has always been a braggadocious man who tries to take credit for things he really had no part in, and he often exaggerates every claim he makes. So when Trump said he deserved thanks for the UCLA players being freed, it was a bit suspicious, but he was traveling overseas for a planned trip, so it was possible that he had a conversation with President Xi about the players.
However, UCLA and company had already resolved the issue, and the boys were preparing to come home.
He may no longer get credit, but at least Trump got some free Big Baller Brand sneakers out of the deal — even though LaVar was probably fibbing about that as well.

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