This Is The Weird 'Test' The Seattle Seahawks Made An NFL Prospect Do

The 2018 NFL Scouting Combine is underway at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis and there are already some teams taking an interesting approach to their one-on-one interviews with prospects.
Every year, we hear bizarre stories that come out of team interviews. Most recently, the Cleveland Browns asked Alabama running back Bo Scarbrough if he thought God was an Auburn fan and the Miami Dolphins infamously asked Dez Bryant if his mom was a prostitute, and now we have a story coming from this year’s event.
Texas Longhorns punter Michael Dickson was meeting with the Seattle Seahawks when he was asked to participate in an interest “test.”
According to Dickson, he had to engage in a staring contest with Seahawks coaches.
“I had to see how long I could stare without blinking,” Dickson said, via Pro Football Talk. “I had a couple of attempts. I tried a few techniques, looking away from the light, trying to block any sort of wind coming into the eyes. That was a weird process.

“The first time I did terrible. I only lasted for 14 seconds, but my third time I had figured out a technique to look around the room just to get your eyes a little watery, I guess.”
Dickson finished out his college career with a Ray Guy Award and Texas Bowl MVP honor, so he has certainly proved himself on the field. If the Seahawks were impressed with his ability to stare, perhaps he’ll be vaulting up their draft board leading up to this spring’s draft.
The 2018 NFL Draft takes place from April 26-28.

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